”Stronger Together” is a 14-day workout, mindset and nutrition challenge. And it is completely FREE! 


What could be better? 14-day easy-to-follow home workout and yummy healthy nutrition plans? 14 days of focus to finally get started with a healthy lifestyle and achieve the confidence you always wanted!

”Stronger Together” Challenge is suitable for both active and advanced people and complete beginners. Each participant can adjust the intensity of the training by choosing the suitable training equipment.


Daily home workouts lasting a maximum of 30 minutes 


Nutrition ABC, three types of diet plans – a varied 14-day diet plan, a “Combine yourself” diet plan and a meat-free diet plan – with recipes.


LIVE training & educational and motivational lectures on both training and nutrition on FB group.


Worksheets that you fill out over 14 days to keep you motivated throughout the challenge.



On these 14 days you will get a perfect basic knowledge of a healthy and varied diet. You can choose to follow a precise diet or learn to combine meals yourself.


The challenge includes 3 types of  meal plans: a varied 14-day diet plan with a shopping list, recipes and cooking methods. “Combine yourself” diet plan that is suitable for people who want to consciously combine their own meals. Meat and fish free diet plan containing dairy and egg products.


There is something for everyone – whether you are a complete beginner or already conscious trainer

Fit With Mona Community women who have completely changed their lifestyle through home training programs!


  1. Can I join the challenge a few days later? You can join the challenge 5.04 – 12.04.
  2. Where can I access the training program? You can access the training on the website by logging in with your user from MY TRAININGS page.
  3. Where can I Find Nutrition Information? From a private ”Stronger Together” Facebook group.
  4. What training equipment would I need? Completely beginners can complete the training without training equipment. It is recommended to have at least 1 pair of dumbbells. The intensity can be adjusted independently according to experience.
  5. I’m just a beginner, can I do it? Of course! The challenge is suitable for both beginners and experienced trainers. I am confident that everyone will benefit from the challenge exactly as they are willing to contribute. It’s more than just a workout.
  6. Can I watch LIVE trainings and meeting later? Yes! E-R has all the workouts on the website. You have the opportunity to train at a time that suits you. We have only 1 LIVE workout at Sunday and it can be completed later.
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