Are you ready to feel stronger and more confident in your own body, more  than ever before?

Minimal time and workout tools needed to ensure maximum results without leaving home.

Fit With Mona “Follow along” style training programs will completely change the way you have trained at home before. A new generation of home workouts that really work!

24.99 / month

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Workout program

  • Access to all Fit With Mona home workout programs
  • Access to mini workout programs: express workouts, stretching videos and mobility program
  • Possibility to combine different training programs. Example: Add 2x a week of HIIT workouts to your workout plan to increase cardio workouts.


  • You can access the programs from MY TRAINING page.
  • Access to the programs until you unsubscribe.
  • The order can be managed from MY ACCOUNT page.


  • You can find nutrition plans in the Fit With Mona Family private Facebook group
  • ‘’Combine yourself ” style diet plans 1500-2000 kcal
  • “Meat and fish free” diet plans 1500-2000 kcal
  • The ABC of nutrition
  • Tutorial on how to use Myfitnesspal
  • Recipes and a lot more


  • The Tone N ’Burn 1.0 training program requires 2 resistance bands. One loose long band and the other ring-shaped. The severity can be light or medium.
  • The Tone N ’Burn 2.0 training program would require 2 dumbbells. Beginners minimum 2kg and advanced minimum 3kg.
  • No training equipment is required for the HIIT training program.
  • At least 1 pair of dumbbells is required for the STRONGER training program. Recommended 1 pair lighter and 1 pair heavier.
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