Welcome, my fellow fitness enthusiast!

I am Mona – your coach. Welcome to.fitwithmona.eu page! This is your first step closer to your desired fitness goals.

Fit With Mona home exercise programs are designed to guide women of all ages to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives!

You are able to achieve the body of your dreams with minimal time and training equipment without even leaving home.

My goal is to inspire you to love a healthy lifestyle by sharing my knowledge and passion for sports and creating a “family” where we motivate each other. I believe that everyone deserves and is able to achieve the body and lifestyle of their dreams even at home.

With the help of the Fit With Mona team, we do our best to help you move closer to your best self, both physically and mentally.


Sport has always been an integral part of my life. I was a  competitive dancer for 8 years, after that I found a passion for Thai boxing. Later on gym, group workouts and running started being my everyday activity. I started loving training at home – that’s when the idea of fitwithmona.eu home training programs were born. I own a 4 level personal trainer certificate. And am currently doing my Precision Nutrition PN1 certificate. I also educate myself in these areas on a daily basis to provide my clients with the best knowledge.


As a trainer, I believe that a healthy body is not just a physical form. The whole body is as ONE – mental and physical health. The key to success is balance and consistency.


Changes don’t happen overnight, but they do happen when you start prioritizing these 3 aspects: physical exercise, a varied healthy diet and recovery.


I believe that training and eating healthy should not be tedious, but an enjoyable part of life, through which we can improve our quality of life!


Having been involved in sports all my life, I have often heard from many women, “I don’t want to work out in the gym,” “I don’t know how to do anything there,” “I’m embarrassed about my body,” and “Personal training is so expensive.”

I want to offer women a fast, comfortable and effective home training programs, which can be completed in the comfort of their own home and thus increase their self-confidence.

The key keywords are: simplicity, efficiency and time savings.

The goal is to start loving healthy food & fast effective workouts. It’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle!

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