Fit with Mona Training Programs – How to Find the Right One for You

Fitness should not be too difficult. One of the reasons people give up at working out is that they start out to big too quickly and have this idea, that to get results you need endless hours of cardio or spend 2 hours a day at the gym. This, however, is not reasonable and, unless you are a top athlete, not sustainable in the long run. Starting too big and setting high expectations usually results in giving up all together after a short period of time. 

Fit with Mona Helps You Train Smart

However, getting fit doesn’t have to be hard and time consuming. You don’t necessarily need a gym membership or a room full of equipment. You can see results and start feeling better about yourself if you just commit to working out 30 minutes 4 times a week. 

Fit with Mona programs offer you just that- a sustainable way to train. All you need to do is find about 30 minutes a day and depending on the program you choose invest in a dumbbell or two. Also, all of the programs are follow-along style, so you really feel that you are working out with your trainer. All the programs have an introductory lesson on the correct form and technique, so when you start your workout, you already know your basic moves. 

Most Fit with Mona programs target all the major muscle groups, so you don’t have to worry about hitting the right muscles or forgetting to train an important body part, all you need to do is press play and enjoy the workout.

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Chose the Right Fit with Mona Program

Here is a little overview to help you chose the right training plan for your needs:

If you are just beginning your fitness journey, then TONE N ’BURN 1.0 would be perfect for you. This 6-week at-home training program will help you get into a training habit, lose fat, get stronger and tone your body.

After you have completed the beginner workouts, or just have been away from training for a while, you can move on to TONE N ’BURN 2.0. This is also a 6-week home workout program to help you get even stronger and maintain and/or increase muscle mass while lowering fat percentage.

Choose the HIIT workout, if you want to add some short, but fun cardio sessions to your routine, and burn fat without losing all the muscle mass you have gained. HIIT is a 6-week at-home high-intensity workout program, suitable for more experienced trainers.

If you are experienced and/or have completed all previous training programs and want to really level up, choose STRONGER. It is an 8-week advanced training program. The focus is on increasing or maintaining muscle mass and gaining strength while reducing fat percentage.

BOOTY program is especially designed to target your glute muscles. It is a 6-week program, with workouts that are not longer than 26 minutes.

If you feel like you want to get access to a variety of workouts, you can choose a MEMBERSHIP plan and get access to all the programs. However, if you want to commit to one program at a time, there is a short overview of the programs, and a little quiz to help you make sure, you have chosen the right one for you: To get maximum results, you also need to fuel your body right. Nutrition is crucial and we are also here to help you with that if needed. To get an idea about how to figure out the best nutrients for your body, you can read our post here:

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