You can find the workouts by clicking on the option in the menu: MY WORKOUTS.

You can find the nutrition plans in the private Facebook group www.fitwithmona.eu as the first document. You can find the Facebook group link in the email after joining any of the plans.

Check your spam and junk mail, the messages are probably there. If you can’t find it, contact us from Fit With Mona Facebook page, messages or email us.

The options are:

  • 1500-2000 kcal “combine yourself” style diet plan
  • 1500-2000 kcal meat and meat-free diet
  • The ABC of nutrition
  • Substitutes for foods so you can choose yourself what you prefer to eat and what don’t
  • Introduction to Myfitnesspal

All dietary plans indicate the weight in baked, cooked or grilled form, unless stated otherwise. For example, oatmeal is in raw form.

Yes! The ABC’s of nutrition and diet plans outline the appropriate foods to replace for each food. For example, rice = buckwheat, potatoes, sweet bear. Chicken fillet = cottage cheese, white fish or minced chicken. There are endless substitutions.

By joining the membership, you have access to all Fit With Mona home training programs. Also mini-programs: express workouts, mobility and stretches. Access will end when you unsubscribe. Access to individual programs are for 60 or 80 days and you only have access only to the training program you have chosen.

Of course! If you have any questions about training or nutrition, you can write to the Fit With Mona Facebook account at any time and Mona or her team member will answer you as soon as possible.


No! You can see and cancel your order by going to MY ACCOUNT in the menu. Payment goes out automatically each month on the same day .

You can complete all training programs in a place that suits you the best. Yes, you can go to the gym.

Membership: access to plans until you unsubscribe.

Tone N’ Burn 1.0, 2.0 ja HIIT: access for 60 days.

STRONGER: access for 80 days.

Each program has 4 different workouts per week. While subscribed to membership, we can also combine different programs.

Yes! Train at a time and place that suits you. All you need is the Internet to watch the videos, use your phone or computer. Everything is very simple – just follow Mona during the whole training video and workout “with her”.

The information you provide when you sign up to Fit With Mona’s programs, such as your name, address, height and weight, etc is private and only Mona and her team have access to this information. We do not use your photos, emails or social content or personal information without your prior consent. The Fit With Mona website is private and secure and we take the utmost care in ensuring your privacy and information is protected. We use a PCI compliant third payment gateway system Stripe so that none of your payment details are retained on our website.

Your training program is designed for best results so we’d encourage you to follow the program how it’s been written, however if you want to increase your weights to increase the intensity please go ahead.

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