Hi! I am Mona. Regular girl from Estonia who loves travelling & healthy lifestyle. Welcome to Explore Train Love!

This website is about supporting people and moving them closer to live the life of their dreams, fit, healthy and happy.

I am educated in nutrition, health and fitness, hold a international personal trainers EQL/EREPS Level 4 licence and am a business owner and entrepreneur. Sports has always been the biggest part of my life since I remember. Right now i am a fitbox grouptrainer and personal trainer in Bali.

I believe that everyone is capable to feel and look the best they can. I encourage and support you to make it happen through online home-workout programs and nutrition guide. And i will show you, that you can get your best shape with minimal equipment and time.

My goal is to a have a positive impact on people’s lives by sharing my passion and knowledge about fitness & creating a community where people can connect in a positive way to reach their goals through exercising, eating well and supporting each other. I will do my best to help you feel good in your body,  both physically and mentally.

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